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Nov. 3rd, 2016 07:10 pm
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Faction: Warlord
Role: Junior-Grade Lieutenant
Current Mana Points: 0
Obtained Powers and Cost of Each:
none yet

Current Status:
Wulgrimm, settling in. Will add info later.


Gender/Race: Don't care.
Age: 15+
Medium: Gimme everything
Rating: X


Is it okay for other players to contact you with thread or kink requests?: Please do!
Are you comfortable playing with both factions, or just one?: Everyone!
Are there any powers other characters MAY NOT use on your character?: Please talk to me before any kind of mind-control type stuf goes down. Powers that cause harm are fine, but scarring/maiming requires discussion too. Reading his thoughts is okay, but let me know in your tags that your character is doing so.




  • non-human partners

  • threesomes

  • oral, face-sitting, face-fucking

  • vaginal

  • anal

  • sounding

  • extreme insertion (double pen, fisting)

  • titfucking, breast play
  • awkward sex

  • intercrural, hotdogging, outersex

  • bondage, light or heavy

  • biting, scratching, marking

  • bloodplay

  • sadism/masochism

  • flogging/whipping

  • figging

  • sex toys

  • choking

  • wound fucking, serious injury

  • non-con

  • somnophilia

  • roleplay

  • teasing, torture


    • most things not in yes or no? just ask me stuff


    • Anal prolapse

    • Birthing/unbirthing/etc

    • Diapers/infantalization

    • Gangbangs/orgies

    • Inflation

    • Mpreg

    • Orgasm=consent logic

    • Scat


    • Look, he killed a cat as a child, that tends to upset people more than the human stuff...

    • Misogyny, general disrespect for others, torture, murder, non-con, mutilation of corpses, attempted manipulation are all Vincent things.

    • His creepy obsession with his brother can read incestuous, and might come up with close CR eventually.

    • Powers:

    • Vincent isn't exactly human: as a member of the Baskerville clan, he's stronger, faster, more durable, etc. Technically Baskervilles can only be killed by things related to "the Abyss", and will heal from wounds from any other source. For game purposes, I'm cool with bending that a bit for plotty reasons if something comes up.

    • Dormouse: This little fellow is one of Vincent's "Chains", which are beings from the Abyss that basically take up residence inside the person they're contacted to. Dormouse has the power of putting people to sleep, but Vincent has to be able to touch the target. Dormouse also sometimes puts Vincent himself to sleep.

    • Demios: This lovely lady is Vincent's other Chain. Also known as the "Queen of Hearts", this Chain's specialty is decapitating people. Obviously since there's no resurrection mechanic, Vincent can't go around lopping off heads, but Demios could also inflict other injuries and/or be used for intimidation or trapping someone. (Or lopping off the heads of NPCs to intimidate people...)

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    This is an HMD. Leave me crit.

    Should be anon-on, ip-off.

    Feel free to leave plotting things here also, PM me, or contact me at [plurk.com profile] lecanis or via PM or AIM: lecanis.
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    Why yes, you have reached Vincent Nightray. Sadly, I am currently too busy to take your call, but you can be sure I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    [The voice is way too syrupy-sweet to be sincere.]
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    → OOC
    □ Name: Leca
    □ Age: 32
    □ Contact: lecanis @ aim, gmail, plurk
    □ Journal: leca
    □ Do you play anyone in Ariel?: Mikado Ryuugamine [personal profile] totallysane

    → IC
    □ Name: Vincent Nightray
    □ Journal: [personal profile] nightraysewerat
    □ Series: Pandora Hearts
    □ Canon point: Chapter 79
    □ History: Wiki link: wiki

    read more )
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    Vincent Nightray is a creep. Specifically, he's a misogynistic bastard who has a tendency to misuse, abuse, and abandon women. He's prone to things like torture, murder, and underhanded political machinations. He's also got a creepy brother obsession, which has developed into an incestuous relationship in game.

    Please let me know if you need misogyny, gendered violence, or mentions of incest kept out of my tags to you with him, or if you'd rather not have me tag your characters with him at all. All comments to this post are screened in case you want to tell me that here.

    Now that that's out of the way:

    permissions and kinks here )

    [Video #2]

    Oct. 18th, 2011 04:19 pm
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    [The man is well dressed, in a dark suit, ruffled white shirt showing beneath the jacket. He looks quite put together, though his long blond hair falls free, around his shoulders. In fact, it falls forward into his face a little as he moves, covering one eye, the remaining one a startling gold.

    He looks as if he isn't paying attention to the Dreamberry at all, at first, as he walks around a room, taking bright shiny sharp scissors to every piece of fabric he can find, from curtains to cushions to clothing that he has dragged out of the closet.

    Then he pans the room, to give the full effect, and stops the camera on the face of the young woman lying asleep in the bed - her clothing intact though her pillows and blankets are a little worse for wear - one Vanessa Nightray.]

    So, shall we begin taking bets on my lifespan when she awakens?
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    Dream effects: Melancholy leading up to euphoria, ending in calm, an almost satiated feeling.
    Warnings: Gore in Vince’s thoughts, spoilers for recent PH chapters

    If he can just cut through this, he'll find what he needs... )

    [Video #1]

    Aug. 10th, 2011 05:24 pm
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    [The video starts with the man not quite looking at the screen, as if he's pushed the button to begin recording a second too early, before he's really ready. Long blond hair hangs in the way for a second, before he pushes it back, blinks at the screen.

    He's holding the Dreamberry a little at an angle, awkwardly, and all that can be seen around him is water. In fact, that hair hanging in the way is dripping wet, and there's now a slight smear on the screen from droplets.

    He wipes it away, his fingers large and blurred across the screen for a second, before he finally opens his mouth to speak.]

    If anyone could tell my why I woke up in the middle of a strange fountain with this thing on me, I would appreciate it.

    [He pauses for a second, and then smiles politely.]

    Very much.

    [His hair is blown out of his face, the damp strands shifting enough to reveal a red eye, previously hidden.]


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