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Dream effects: Melancholy leading up to euphoria, ending in calm, an almost satiated feeling.
Warnings: Gore in Vince’s thoughts, spoilers for recent PH chapters

The scissors feel lighter in his hands than they did as a child, though they have the same ornate handles, the same very sharp blades. He holds them more easily, fitting better in his palm, bounces them a little as he considers what he will cut with them, this time.

His eyes are slitted, nearly closed, and for a moment all that can be seen is darkness, but a rather textured darkness, not quite pure black, not quite still or unwavering. What is lacking in sight is made up for in sensation, as his fingers slip along the cool metal of one blade, and then brush against that textured curtain, revealing it to be course strands of hair that part under his fingertips almost reluctantly, clinging.

Then skin, warm and precious and thin, barely covering pulse and life and flow of blood, barely concealing everything that would flow out so easily. It’s so easy to trace the spine downward, to press fingers and the side of one wicked blade against the nape of the neck, to scrape with a nail as if considering what it would be like to cut.


The voice is a warning, but it sounds as if it comes from far away, and it’s not in the voice of this person before him. It’s entirely the wrong voice, and Vincent frowns, as if something is broken by the wrongness of it, as if the fact that tone is indisctinct to the man himself destroys something.

"My apologies."

His own voice is wrong too, far too sincere, more sincere than it should ever be, open and revealing too much. The scissors are too light in his hand, lighter than when they first drew blood, lighter than when they pressed against eyeballs, squishing them deep into the sockets before they finally burst and crushed and became nothing but frail balloons spewing vile jellies. Lighter than when they rent flesh from flesh, failing to spill blood from corpses already cold.

They’re too light, and what he intends to cut with them is too light as well, the strands falling away so simply and without any real difficulty at all.




Dark hair littering the ground around his feet, and he keeps his eyes on the back of the boy’s neck, fixed on a collar that’s slightly crooked, half turned-up, messy. Messy like the hair that is clinging to Vincent’s shoes, messy like the turmoil of thoughts swirling in Vincent’s mind as he gets closer and closer to his goal.

Then there’s that second, that last moment where he steps around before the young man, where he snip-snip-snips those last few times and then he’s reaching one gloved hand out, he’s parting those last few strands in order to find...

Vision becomes nothing but a blur of brilliant white, and there’s a clatter as the scissors hit the ground. Did they fall? Or did his hands simply float away from them, light as he is light now, as if the weight gone were from his own head, not someone else’s. Light, everywhere, and a smile touching his own lips as he speaks, finally.

"There you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere, Master."

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[When the dream ends, he has no idea what to think.

He tries to pinpoint the voice, that one name it spoke, but he's unsure what to make of it. But most importantly, what makes him the most uncomfortable is the hair. Messy, long, black, standing out everywhere, eerily familiar.

The kind of hair that crowns his very own head.

But why... Why would Vincent be cutting his hair? And it can't be him Vincent is calling master, can it? No, that's simply... not possible. Right? Why would Vincent ever put himself in that position?

Why would he ever let anyone cut his hair, even more so Vincent?

But then why does that idea fit scarily well with Vincent's reaction when he greeted him?

Why, why, why?]

...master Vincent?

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[Explain this to him, make things make sense, or at least tell him it's not him. Just something, to make things clearer at least, no matter what all of it might mean.

Even if the truth frightens him like hell, even if asking in the first place takes every ounce of courage.]


[First of all:]

Did that happen? Back home?

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[That just makes him even more worried, more scared. He feels like anything else is just going to get stuck in his throat and never come out because he doesn't want to say that yes, yes he does.

But that just makes him need to know even more. Just what happened?]


[He wishes his voice sounded a little more sure, less quiet.]

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Your lord...?

[How did that.

How would that happen? It couldn't be... Vincent is a Pandora member, isn't he? So if it's connected to the voices... to Glen-- But why would Vincent make someone like him his "master" if it wasn't for a specific reason?

He has pieces but no clue how to connect them. And... this is his best bet right now.]

Do you know anything about me?

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[Slow down with the lord and servant thing there. You've only given him a few seconds and he hasn't even started getting used to that idea.]

Tell me.


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[Don't test him. He can't deal with this he can't hecan't--]

Why not?

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I can't?

If you know something, I need to know, master Vincent. No one else does.

[And he's scared that it's so unknown. Don't make him do anything drastic.]

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[That voice, that motif of hair... As much as Noel didn't like it, there was only one conclusion regarding who this man was dreaming about. And that name... It only took a few minutes of putting together the pieces of information she received from Ada and the mansion's other residents to figure out who this man is.

Seeing him made Noel feel uneasy. Uneasy like whenever Jin was present... She's reasonably quite hesitant about contacting this person.

But... It should be sooner than later. Knowing which world he hailed from, and how much value Ada put on this man... He was probably living under the same roof as Noel. She needed to see if she really had to keep her guard up or not. Taking a few deep breaths first, she attempts to maintain her composure as she places a call.]

So... You're Vincent. I... I didn't expect we would officially meet so soon. My sincerest apologies for accidentally viewing your dream.

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[Noel blinks... Then flinches with realization when it finally sinks in that she hadn't introduced herself. So much for playing it cool.]

Oh, um...! Y-Yes, please excuse me for my rudeness. I'm Noel Vermillion, and though I come from a different world, I live with Miss Ada and the others. P-Pleased to meet your acquaintance. [... She thinks. Despite the smile he gives, Noel can't help but be (unsure) about this whole situation. Polite as ever, she give a slight nod in place of a bow.]

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[So Noel's hunch was correct. He did live in the mansion too. The knot in her stomach tightens a bit. The more she spoke to him, the more her uneasiness grew. She attempts to gulp down her sense of anxiety, and gives a slow nod.]

I... suppose that's for the best, s-since we'll inevitably be encountering each other often. Plus, I'm sure Miss Ada would have wanted to introduce you to me, regardless...

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[So much for her trying to learn more about him... He keeps asking for information, and Noel just keeps giving. Perhaps she may be hoping for a fair tradeoff; that maybe if she told him enough, she'd get information in return.]

Well, I guess we are pretty good friends... Even if her hobbies scare me sometimes. [For a brief moment, Noel turns slightly oale as she recalls Ada's fascination with the occult. As if her traumatized mind refused for her to stroll down that subject, she carelessly steers herself toward another subject:] Though, I've known Elliot much longer..


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[Well, it would be really rude to judge someone by their first meeting. Plus, this is Elliot's brother, and she had an obligation to treat him politely. No matter how the pins of fear keep pricking her entire spine.]

I... I suppose it would be nice if we weren't strangers to each other...


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