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Vincent Nightray is a creep. Specifically, he's a misogynistic bastard who has a tendency to misuse, abuse, and abandon women. He's prone to things like torture, murder, and underhanded political machinations. He's also got a creepy brother obsession, which has developed into an incestuous relationship in game.

Please let me know if you need misogyny, gendered violence, or mentions of incest kept out of my tags to you with him, or if you'd rather not have me tag your characters with him at all. All comments to this post are screened in case you want to tell me that here.

Now that that's out of the way:

Backtagging: Always!
Threadhopping: Please ask first, and please ping me if you've gone back and forth a lot but still want me to jump back in!
Fourthwalling: Sure!
Offensive subjects: Victim-blaming. I do write non-con and various other potentially upsetting types of roleplay, but I expect everyone involved to talk about those things in terms of what they are, and not use any "but it's actually consensual because they secretly want it" or "arousal/orgasm = consent" language. This also includes things like making fun of characters for being hesitant about sex or not enjoying activity they were coerced into (by either another person or a sex game setting). Basically, anything real rapists and/or bystanders say to blame or demean victims, I need to stay away from.

In terms of plotting, please keep that in mind when speaking directly TO me or writing with me. If you say those types of things in your own space (on plurk, in chat, whatever), that's perfectly okay, because it's my responsibility to mute and/or walk away from those discussions.

ICly, if your character would do this, that's also fine! There are certainly characters I expect it from, and as long as the player isn't condoning/defending that attitude from the character, it's not a problem! In fact, Vincent is likely to do this himself, but I certainly won't defend him for it.

Hugging this character: Go ahead, if you dare?
Kissing this character: Go for it.
Flirting with this character: Yup. He'll certainly flirt himself.
Fighting with this character: Sure! He doesn't have his Chains at the moment, so he's normal human. He does however have a gun, and has experience with fighting. (also scissors are a thing)
Injuring this character: Please talk to me about it before doing anything super terrible to him, but I'm totally up for him getting hurt.

Killing this character: I like being mean, so yes. But please ask so we can plot it out.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go right ahead. I try to write a lot of internal exposition into my tags, so there should be plenty to work with, but if you need more, just ask! Also, please do let me know that your character is doing this, to avoid any confusion.


My general f-list is here but for Vincent specific things, he's very big on torture and bloodplay. Gun kink is also a possibility, assuming he doesn't lose his gun. He's likely to be somewhat demeaning toward women, and toward men he's topping as well. He's not likely to consent to bottom to just anyone, though I'm fine with non-con for that, and he might do it if it furthers his plans in some way.
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