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Why yes, you have reached Vincent Nightray. Sadly, I am currently too busy to take your call, but you can be sure I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

[The voice is way too syrupy-sweet to be sincere.]
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From: [personal profile] prince_of_poisons
Prior to any sexual contact, I will require a sample of your blood, which I will draw myself with my own syringe to prevent substitution (and thereby falsification of the results of subsequent tests) and to make certain that it is fresh and contaminant-free. I will notify you once I have determined whether you carry any infections or plagues, or if I require additional testing.

You will not touch my butler until I have completed this analysis to my satisfaction, and only if the results are favorable. Failure to comply with this will bring swift and extremely painful consequences.

Lord Cain Christopher Hargreaves
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[physical package, unmarked]

Date: 2013-08-31 09:55 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] prince_of_poisons
A bouquet wrapped in cellophane, containing:

-yellow rose (jealousy)
-bulrush (indiscretion)
-yarrow (war)
-birdsfoot trefoil (revenge)

There is no name card.


Date: 2014-01-05 05:48 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shutupglen
[He's going to keep this very simple.]

You're an ass.

((ftr, this is after this))

Date: 2014-01-05 11:03 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shutupglen
To 'help'? Sexual assault is not 'help'!

Date: 2014-01-05 11:56 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shutupglen
[Maybe he should stop being a brat and admit he never intended to replace Vincent. He wanted to mess with him, sure, but he was pretty aware of the fact that the bond they shared wasn't something so easy to break. Leo had made a promise and he was going to fulfill it.

But then, he's Leo and there's no way he's going to admit it so easily especially when Vincent's talking so high and mighty.]

Maybe I do have a job and I haven't told you! Why should I? You're just my servant!

Date: 2014-01-06 12:24 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shutupglen
[He's about to answer the first question when he hears the next one. Wait, what-?

There's a moment of disbelief - he must have heard that wrong! - but then, it's Vincent and he's totally capable of insinuate something like that.

And now he's mad, he's oh so mad Vincent you shouldn't go back home for a couple of days. His voice comes out as a hiss as he speaks.]

Don't you ever dare to imply something like that again. I'm not like you.

Date: 2014-01-09 08:52 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shutupglen
[Yeah, he doesn't buy that.]

...What are you trying to say?

Date: 2014-01-12 05:38 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shutupglen
And what? Are you going to kindly offer yourself to help me gain some status here? Don't make me laugh.

If you want to end our agreement be my guest, but otherwise shut your mouth.

[There are still chances for them to go back, and Leo doesn't think Vincent would want to take any risk when it comes to his wish. But even if they were completely trapped, there's no way he would let Vincent have any power over him.

So he could talk all he wants about being on a higher position; it still means nothing for Leo.]

Date: 2014-01-14 01:38 am (UTC)
shutupglen: (pic#6834058)
From: [personal profile] shutupglen
[Followed by him cutting the feed, of course.

You're the biggest ass, Vincent.]


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